How can one achieve Zen in the bathtub? How do you accomplish relaxation and calmness in your life? Why do people feel the need to meditate in a bathtub? These are just some questions that need to be addressed in order to learn how to attain Zen in the bathtub.


The first step in answering these questions is defining what you want to achieve in your life. Defining your goals will help guide you in your quest to achieve Zen in the tub. If you want to stop smoking or reduce stress in your life, write down the answers on a piece of paper and set a goal for yourself. If meditation is something that you think you might want to try, write down that as well.

Next, fill the tub with warm water and bubble relaxing music. Turn on the radio to drown out the noise from outside and maybe keep some candles lit in the room to create a lovely, tranquil atmosphere. Have a sponge bath while you are in the tub and soak your feet in the water. You can also put a hot towel over your head and some massage oil into your hands. You can close your eyes and float in the water.

Finally, sit back in the tub and relax. Allow your body to soak in the water and let the tension from your shoulders and back slip away. Allow the stress to slip away from your mind too. Visualize your hands being filled with water and enveloped by the water’s energy. You can close your eyes and close your mind to feel the water moving over your hands as you let the tension slip away.

When you are sitting there and watching the movement of the water, listen to your thoughts. Find what line of thought gets drawn to you and push it away. Concentrate on reaching your goal and push it away. Do this for several minutes every day and you will find that the stress is lifting from your shoulders. This is one of the easiest ways of achieving Zen in the tub.

In the midst of your relaxation, consider a new goal for yourself or someone close to you. Perhaps you would like to finish any unfinished business before you go to sleep each night. Set a goal for the next day and try to reach it. It may be as simple as taking the dog for a walk or playing one of your favorite games.

Another way of achieving Zen in the tub is to meditate in one position for a few minutes. Close your eyes and focus on the water moving around you and your breathing. You can start from one corner of your mind and move towards the center. Once you have reached the center, return to the starting position and repeat. Take slow and deep breaths and feel the water flowing around you.

Another way to achieve this is by making time for yourself to relax. Plan a day out when you can just relax and forget about the world and all of its troubles. Turn off the TV and phone and put your feet up on the table. Clear your mind and let the cares and pleasurable surprises of the day go past. If you are going to use a relaxing bath, you can put on some relaxing music and dim the lights. Turn on your favorite CD and let your worries melt away.

If you are new to the whole bathing thing, the first thing you should do is to clear your mind of any negative thoughts. Take deep breaths and relax your body and mind. Begin the process of relaxing by taking a few slow, shallow breaths that will allow you to relax completely. Once you have completely exhaled, you can place your hand in the water and begin rubbing your hands together and massaging them gently into the water.

Once you feel comfortable and the mood has been established, you can begin the process of relaxing your body parts. To do this, you will need to lie on the edge of the tub and just lay there with your back facing the sink. Your left hand will be placed on the wall and your right one will be on your stomach. Use one hand to support your chest and gently rub your left hand up and down your stomach and let the other hand run down the side of your body.

Slowly, start moving your hands from your stomach to the sides of your hips. In a very soothing manner, begin rubbing your hands up to the inner portion of your thighs and then down to your calves. You can also begin massaging the other parts of your body, but be careful not to put too much pressure on one area or you could injure yourself. When you have finished all of your stretches, you will be ready for your first lesson. Start by lying on the edge of the tub with both of your hands placed firmly above the heart.

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