Take your Self Care to the next level

At Mariah by Design we create luxurious bath and body products that take your self care experience to the next level. We select the finest ingredients to make our products to help you create a spa experience in your own home.


The Hair Collection


Bathe In Luxury with Mariah by Design

  • Shower Steamers

    Shower Steamers may be small but they have a big scent! Just add one of these to your shower for a wonderful aromatherapy experience.

  • Angel Bath

    Angel Bath is a blend of coconut milk powder, colloidal oatmeal, Epsom salt, fruit powders, cocoa butter, and other luxurious ingredients that take your bath to the next level.

  • Whipped Shave Soap

    Whipped Shave Soap has moisturizing Avocado Oil and Argan Butter added to create a dreamy, silky shaving experience. You don't know why you need it until you try it and then you cannot live without it!

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